Bolivarian Government urges the International Contact Group to learn about the progress of the dialogue process in Venezuela

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the light of the statement issued today in Brussels by the International Contact Group, which  nothing could be more untrue, draws the attention of the European Union and other actors that make up this body in order to invite them to maintain reliable information channels that allow them to know first-hand the political advances in the country, highlighting the recent processes of dialogue that are successfully being carried out with respect for the Constitution and the signing of political agreements with precise results, which undoubtedly contribute to the generation of greater and better levels of coexistence and peace in the Venezuelan society.

The Bolivarian Government once again urges the European Union and the International Contact Group to support the strengthening of the progress of the National Dialogue in Venezuela on the basis of constructive positions, respecting international law, democratic institutions and, above all, the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.

Caracas, November 1st  2019