Bolivarian Government rejects insolent and interfering statements issued by presidents Iván Duque and Sebastián Piñera

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly condemns the insolent and interfering statements made today 21 of March, 2019, by Ivan Duque and Sebastián Piñera.

Once again, poor diplomacy, disrespect and obedience to the United States orders by two entrepreneurs, who defend their own particular interests instead of Colombian and Chilean peoples’ needs, become evident.

Contradictorily, their embarrassing statement is made while governance and democracy become further weakened in Colombia, where there is no guarantee of the right to life: being a social leader is a direct path to death in Colombia, where humanitarian crisis in El Chocó, La Guajira, rural and urban areas is rampant; while illegal drugs production increases so efficiently and this is only possible with the complicity, authorization, endorsement and encouragement of a narco-paramilitary government.

Mr. Piñera has no moral standing to speak about Human Rights in Venezuela. In Chile, the Mapuche Nation is systematically harassed and slaughtered. He intends to teach democracy lessons, while governing under the constitution of his mentor, Augusto Pinochet, a true dictator. Sebastian Piñera speaks about right, but in his country, demanding the right to education and health is a path to jail.

It is unconceivable that Mr. Duque and Mr. Piñera invoke International Law after having supported shock groups and tried to force the entry of an alleged humanitarian aid in Venezuela through the Colombian border, in open violation of the United Nations standards on this matter.

Undoubtedly, the governments of Colombia and Chile, which are used as Donald Trump’s administration satellites, have become an instrument of aggression against the Venezuelan People and institutions. As a result, they face not only the repudiation by their Peoples but also the firm determination of the revolutionary people of Venezuela to continue struggling against reproach, threat and meddling.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela reiterates that, rather sooner than later, new avenues shall open down which both the Chilean and Colombian Peoples can walk freely.


  Caracas, March 21st, 2019.