Bolivarian Government repudiates Trump aggressions against illegal measures against the constitutional Nicolás Maduro Guerra

The Venezuelan Government and People firmly reject the continuous aggressions by Trump’s Administration which seek to unsuccessfully undermine the People’s spirit, will and determination to lead its own destiny. In this occasion, the US announces illegal measures against the Constituent Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra, with the dark purpose of personalizing the continuous attack against the Bolivarian Revolution and the leadership of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In light of Trump’s Administration continuous failure regarding attempts to overthrow the constitutional Government of President Nicolas Maduro Moros, now they try to disrupt his quiet by directly attacking members of his family. Such intemperate attitude shows the capricious nature and absolute lack of rigour within the financial controlling institutions of the USA.

The Venezuelan People is a direct son of Simon Bolivar’s independence and libertarian mettle and will; an example of moral courage and capacity to resist the most treacherous attacks. Also, the legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez – who was the target of devious imperialist aggressions against him and his leadership nature – is increasingly timely in light of this new imperial attack.

The enemies of the Venezuelan Homeland should consider that every attempt to violate President Maduro’s ethical and political nature becomes an endless fuel of a fighting People who is determined to remain on the unyielding path of its sovereignty and irreversible Independence.

The Venezuelan State ratifies that actions will be taken in the international system to neutralize such illegal and immoral actions by the dominant and supremacist elite ruling, for the time being, the United States of America.


Caracas, June 28th, 2019