Bolivarian Government announces that it will stop providing services at consulates in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces the decision by the Government of Canada to temporarily close its embassy in Caracas. Far beyond an administrative issue, this is a political decision that reflects the continued hostility by that government toward Venezuela, obeying with discipline Trump’s Administration aggression against the Venezuelan people and its democratic institutions.

Such unsuspected anti-diplomatic actions by Ottawa were expressed through measures such as the non credential renewal or new diplomatic visas issuance for Venezuelan officials, as well as its support to Washington’s perverse financial blockade against Venezuela. Consequently, the Bolivarian Government, in strict respect for the principle of reciprocity, shall maintain its firm decision until Canadian authorities regain diplomatic consistency and respect for the Public International Law.

In this light, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela announces the temporary suspension of general consulates services in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Venezuela’s diplomatic functions in Canada will be performed in its Embassy of Ottawa.

Venezuela hopes Canada will quickly restore sovereignty of its foreign policy in order to promote a better environment for dialogue and mutual respect for the benefit of both peoples. Until then, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela shall defend, through the diplomatic and legal channels, the dignity and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.

Caracas, June 8th, 2019