Venezuela facilitates management of civil and consular procedures for Venezuelans in the US

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela wishes to report that as of September 2019, it will begin to implement measures to guide and facilitate procedures for Venezuelans on U.S. territory, directly through the electronic channels of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations.

In this way, through the portal proceedings will be carried out in the areas of Birth Registration, Marriage Registration, Death Registration, Repatriation of mortal remains, Issuance of certificate for return to Venezuela for loss of passport, Issuance of travel permit for children and adolescents, Powers and Visas, among others.

It is necessary to recall that, following the rupture of diplomatic relations between the two countries announced on January 23rd , the United States Government has failed to fulfill its obligations under the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations by refusing, on the one hand, to accept that a third State take over the interests and consular affairs of Venezuela in the United States and, on the other, by encouraging and allowing the illegal occupation and use of the diplomatic and consular offices of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its territory.

As a result, in compliance with its constitutional obligations to safeguard the interests of its citizens, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will put into operation this special system for the care of Venezuelans in the United States, whereby the aforementioned services and practical solutions will be provided to applicants, always within the framework permitted by international law.

Caracas, September 6th, 2019