Venezuela offers help to mitigate forest fires in the Amazon

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its deep concern about the huge and terrible fires devastating the Amazon region in several South American countries, causing very serious impacts on the population, ecosystems and biological diversity of the area, considered the Earth’s green lung.

Reports from international environmental organizations denounce that, only in Brazil, forest fires in the Amazon have increased 80% compared to 2018, while environmental advocacy group attribute this increase to an aggressive deforestation policy implemented by groups linked to agribusiness and other predatory practices generating serious environmental impacts.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela expresses its solidarity with the indigenous and peasant peoples and communities in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru, who are the main victims, and appeals to the conscience of the economic and institutional agents living in the countries of the Amazon basin. Venezuela has always vindicated the communities’ rights to land, promoting economic and ecologically sustainable development, as well as respect for the inalienable rights of Pachamama, our Mother Earth.

Within the framework of the Latin American brotherhood, and as a member of the Amazon community, Venezuela immediately provides the modest assistance to mitigate this painful tragedy.

The Peoples of South America are united for this natural wonder that must be defended, protected, and developed by its own inhabitants under policies that protect its environmental fragility and its value as a Natural Heritage of Humanity.

Caracas, August 22nd 2019