Venezuela rejects aggressions against its institutionality from the Presidency of Colombia

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its categorical rejection to the desperate statements by the President of the Republic of Colombia against the Venezuelan’s democratic institutions and popular will. Clearly, the obsessive aggressions of Ivan Duque are due undoubtedly, to the dramatic low popularity of his administration which is reflected in the publication of recent surveys that show the discontentment of the brotherly Colombian people with regard to the grey results of his first 100 days in office.

It is absolutely laughable that the President of the world leader country in drug trafficking, narco-politics, paramilitary, parapolitics, kidnappings, false flags operations, drug production and targeted violence against social leaders intends to give lessons on democracy and institutional governance to Venezuelans and the world.

It has become usual that President Ivan Duque does not only seek to conceal his low popularity by making hostile and scandalous statements against Venezuela, but also to evade international responsibilities with regard to the high levels of violence caused by the internal conflict in Colombia, the negligence and lack of action of the State and the uncontrolled expansion of the drug industry. These events have created not only one but several dossiers on flagrant crimes against humanity.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela calls on the Colombian authorities to focus on addressing and solving their serious internal problems and to avoid using Venezuela to distract the Colombian public opinion and obtain resources from the international system for unverifiable purposes. Venezuela will always be at the service of the Colombian people to guarantee the lasting peace and cooperate in terms of respect and good will.

Caracas, November 20th, 2018