Venezuela rejects blunt statement from Panama

The Constitutional Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is aware of the intemperate communiqué issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama on January 12th, 2019, seeking once again to destabilize the legitimate institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and disregard the constitutional order in full force and effect. Accordingly, the Bolivarian Government he considers as follows:

It is regrettable that Panama once again joins the anti-diplomatic nonsense against Venezuela, violating the principles of the International Law. There is no doubt that the behavior of the Panamanian diplomacy obeys to pressures by Washington and, at the expense of the peace in Venezuela, they intend to compensate the costs of having broken relations with Taiwan.

It is sad that Panama, the last country on the continent to suffer a U.S. invasion, promotes a foreign intervention in Venezuela, in an astonishing and unprecedented behavior. By ignoring Venezuelan laws and pretending to grant executive powers to the National Assembly, Panama tries to cause a domestic conflict to justify the long-awaited U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

We suggest the Government of Panama to focus on the serious situations of corruption involving its Vice President’s relatives or even President Varela himself, based on the investigations conducted after the publication of the so-called Panama Papers. We also urge you to correct Panama’s status as a tax haven, which has facilitated money laundering and the construction of their networks around their country.

The Constitutional Government of Venezuela will continue to carefully analyze this lack of restraint by servile governments subordinate to the interests of the U.S. At the same time, we will also evaluate the opportune and symmetrical decisions in all fields to guarantee the protection of the people, the State and its institutions.

Caracas, January 13th, 2019.