Venezuela rejects false positive about incursion of Venezuelan military unit into Colombian territory

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically condemns and rejects the fake news disseminated today by the Government of Colombia on an alleged incursion by Venezuelan military unity in Colombian territory. 

The obtuse US-paid purpose of the Colombian government is dangerous and irresponsible, for it creates, using false flags, the conditions for a military escalate on the common border.

The Colombian Government has been building a narrative discourse based on systematic statements by high-level officials which try to portray Venezuela as an aggressor country responsible for the violence that has historically originated within Colombian territory.

Permanent Aggressions plotted, organized and executed from Colombian territory, in collusion with the US and the Venezuelan opposition and against the Venezuelan institutions and people, are public knowledge.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates that it shall not cease in its efforts to protect the population, jointly with the glorious Bolivarian National Armed Forces which professionally and rigorously fulfills its duty on the border zone, in strict accordance with the provisions of the National Constitution, international and national Law.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela urges Colombian authorities to cease the dangerous hostilities against the Venezuelan people and institutions, focus on finding a solution for its own serious domestic problems and avoid distracting public opinion using Venezuela as an excuse.

Caracas, May 8th, 2019