Venezuela systematically denounces US aggression that affects the right to food of all Venezuelans

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces one again, before the international community, the repeated aggression by the United States government against the Venezuelan people, by announcing illegal unilateral coercive measures which aim at depriving Venezuelans of their right to food.

Trump’s administration has blocked bank transactions, purchases of food and medicines and has carried out a lot of actions in order to not recognize the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people as well as to force a change of government through non-constitutional means. Such practices can only be described as economic terrorism which are rejected by the international community, given the evident violation of United Nations Charter’s principles and purposes and other international law regulations.

It is a demonstration of the political and geo-political restlessness. In light of the United States government’s inability to achieve its interfering goals in Venezuela, today’s decisions join the evil smear campaign against the family of the Constitutional President, Nicolas Maduro Moros, as an unsuccessful attempt to affect the unscathed morality of the head of State.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, accompanied by the Venezuelan people, will not surrender today, tomorrow or never to bribes by arrogant imperialist powers. On the contrary, Venezuela will face them with courage, dignity and democratic conviction, as it has always done, in order to defend its rights to freedom, self-determination and independence.





Caracas, July 25th, 2019